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The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) is the competence centre for Swiss abroad and is an independent, politically and religiously neutral non-governmental organisation. It swears and represents the interests of its compatriots abroad and offers them a wide range of services. The Swiss abroad are spread across all continents. This multilingual and multicultural community contributes significantly to Switzerland’s international reputation. Maintaining a strong link between the Swiss abroad and Switzerland is therefore crucial. To this end, the OSA has four tasks: Information, networking, representation and advice for the Swiss abroad. Further information on the OSA’s activities and services can be found at www.aso.ch.


The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (ASO) is the centre of competence for questions relating to the Swiss abroad, and is a politically and religiously neutral, independent non-governmental organisation. It represents the interests of compatriots living abroad and offers them a wide range of services.


Member of ASO Council

Patrick R. L. Wyss graduated from the College of Commerce in Basel, Switzerland, and continued his studies at the American Institute of Banking in New York. He has 50 years of senior management experience in International, Commercial, Commercial and Investment Banking in Switzerland, New York, London and Mexico. In 1987 he became independent as Financial Advisor, with activities in the areas of Repurchase and Restructuring of Debt and Companies, as well as Business and Industrial Banking, being a founding partner of the Basilisk Group.

Throughout his 40 years in Mexico, he proactively participated in the activities of the Swiss Community in this country, as a member of the board of the Swiss College of Mexico (CSM), the Swiss Mexican Business Association (AEMS), and the Swiss Association of Mexico (ASM), of which he is still a member to this date, as well as of Socorro Suizo and Grupo 60 Plus. Since 2013, he has been a delegate to the Council of the Swiss Abroad, representing the interests of our compatriots in the Association of the Swiss Abroad.

Member of ASO council

Economist graduated from ITAM, with a postgraduate degree at Columbia University in New York (Master's and doctoral studies in economics). He is currently an Associate Consultant to MAAT Asesoresen on macroeconomic analysis, finance and international economics and pension systems. He was a civil servant at CONSAR 2011-2017, having served as Advisor to the Presidency and General Coordinator of Strategic Planning.  Previously in his long career of 30 years in the Bank of Mexico he held several positions, among them Director of External Relations and Coordinator of the Governor's Office, Manager of Macrofinancial Analysis, and Deputy Manager of International Economy.

At the IMF in Washington, he was a senior economist and also served as Advisor and Research Associate at the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA), and is a member of the Mexican Council on International Affairs.(COMEXI), member of the plural group of economists "Grupo Huatusco", and in IMEF he is a member of the Economic Studies Committee (president, 2013-2016, and current vice-president), of the National Committee of the IMEF Indicator and of the Social Security Committee.